Benefits of Claw gloves over leather.

Claw Gloves not only last significantly longer than leather for men and women, but they also provide a superior grip, feel great without any special storage (zip-lock bags etc.), will never blacken or crack and best of all, they’re machine washable.  Claw gloves on average last 25+ rounds and feel as good from your golf bag after a sweaty round as they do out of the package with ZERO maintenance. 

Some players have reported golfing over 100 rounds with Claw golf gloves before they show any wear.  Try that with your typical leather golf glove!  And if Claw gloves get a little dirty or you want to bring more tackiness back to the palm, simply throw them in the washing machine and let them hang dry.  Interested in giving our gloves a try but still on the fence?  We’re so confident you’ll love our gloves, we will offer a full refund if you’re not satisfied for any reason within the first 60 days.

Claw glove options for men and women:

Our golf gloves are available in a variety of styles and colors for players of all levels.  The original Claw was designed for men and women for maximum breathability with a full mesh upper.  The Max is our latest glove model designed for men looking for a tight fit to similar to leather gloves.  The Max was designed for players with high swing speeds that prefer as much stability possible.  The Pro glove for men is somewhere between our original Claw and the Max.  Still super breathable but the synthetic suede combined with mesh promotes a lot of cooling airflow. 

Claw golf glove features you won’t find with leather gloves.

  • Incredible durability - Minimum 25 rounds (some players much more)
  • Machine washable
  • Exclusive silicone grip
  • Play cooler – outstanding airflow
  • Less grip pressure improves swing confidence

From Football to Golf:

The idea for Claw Gloves came from wide receiver gloves commonly worn in college and professional football.  After testing early versions of receiver gloves, we found that they were too tacky for golf.  After thoroughly testing a wide variety of silicone formulas and printing options, the exclusive Claw striped grip pattern was born.  The pattern also required various “tweaks” to receive approval for Conforming with the Rules of Golf. 

Years of development pays dividends:

Having CaddyDaddy headquarters just outside of Phoenix, AZ has a lot of benefits designing and testing golf products.  With year-round sunshine and of course the “dry heat” in the summer, golfing with leather gloves shows durability of leather to be very short-lived.  Sweat, heat and lack of moisture make leather gloves extremely difficult to keep looking and feeling new golfing in our climate, so we set out to design something new. 

Our team launched Claw Gloves for men and women in late 2019.  After nearly a decade of development, the initial Claw design was met with outstanding media reviews followed by a strong customer base that continues to be our best sales force with word of mouth recommendations. 

Claw gloves last longer, play cooler and always ship free.

Written by Rod Dunlap

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