Color: White

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The Claw PRO is built for speed, higher swing speeds that is.  The Claw pro was designed with a Synthetic Suede top below your fingers to provide maximum stability, yet it also includes Flex-Mesh on your thumb and fingers to play cooler and provide maximum breathability.  The Claw PRO includes our Silicone-Web coating for one of the strongest grips on the market. This grip is enhanced with an additional coating on the tumb and index finger to prevent any possible grip slip.  This will provide more consistent strikes and virtually eliminate any off shots due to club slippage.  This glove will last and last and last, that's because the palm will not crack, harden or tear.  No more holes in the palms or index fingers after a half dozen rounds.  If you're looking for a glove with remarkable comfort and performance, a better grip, is machine washable and lasts longer than leather, then consider the Claw PRO Golf Glove.  Check out our spectacular customer and media reviews.

  • Synthetic Suede & Mesh Top Provides Excellent Stability & Ventilation
  • Silicone-Web Coating on Palm, Thumb & Index Finger Enhances Amazing Grip
  • Looks New Longer than Leather
  • Palm will not Crack, Harden or Tear
  • Remarkable Comfort and Performance
  • Claw gloves last significantly longer than leather
  • Produced with 100% Synthetic Materials
  • Machine Washable
  • Conforms with the Rules of Golf